• Expert Coaching

    The VIP Package includes 1 month (4 hours) of expert coaching with author and entrepreneur Jason Bennick, working with you to address and help solve your foremost concerns with starting your start-up.

  • Tailored Content

    The full 10 Step Startup Course includes the full book and videos that are personal, informative, and valuable to help guide you step-by-step through the program, building the cornerstones for your success.

  • Exercises

    Practical, real-time assignments for each chapter and program step, performed in a sequence of applicability and practicality throughout to fully prepare you to start your start-up.

Course Curriculum

10 engaging chapters + assignments that fully prepare you to start your startup.

    1. Welcome to the 10 Step Startup School program!

    2. Course Instructions

    3. Preface from the Book

    4. Course Introduction from the Author

    5. Mindset Check

    6. It's Go Time!

    1. Step 1 Video Message

    2. Define Your Vision

    3. Step 1: Assignment

    1. Step 2 Video Message

    2. Frame the Game

    3. Step 2: Assignment

    1. Step 3 Video Message

    2. Validating Direction

    3. Directions for Step 3 Assignments

    4. Step 3: Part 1 Assignment

    5. Step 3: Part 2 Assignment

    6. Step 3: Part 3 Assignment

    1. Step 4 Video Message

    2. Writing Your Own Bestseller

    3. Step 4: Assignment

    1. Step 5 Video Message

    2. Naming Your Start-Up

    3. Step 5: Assignment

Course Details

  • $1,297.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 4 Expert Coaching Sessions
  • Full Book + 12 Videos
  • Real-World Assignments

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For the serious entrepreneur ready to go all-in, this is your package. The 10 Step Startup School plus One Month of coaching, is the most effective package we have to offer.

Training + Coaching is the power package, designed to arm entrepreneurs with the tools needed to not only start any start-up with confidence, but get the hands-on coaching you need to lay the foundation to win like a boss.