Introduction & Overview

10 Step Start-Up School | Course Author, Serial Entrepreneur: Jason Bennick

Learn to Win

Starting a start-up is a science.

Like learning to fly, with the right teacher and expert lessons, you'll become a great pilot.

10 Step Startup School author & instructor Jason Bennick is a MIT™ Startup Bootcamp Graduate and serial entrepreneur, teaching you what he and thousands of successful entrepreneurs have learned so you can become a great start-up pilot.

Each chapter is a treasure of insights, hard-won lessons, experiential knowledge, and real-time assignments, helping you lay the right foundation to start your winning start-up.

  • 10 Step Mini Course consisting of the first 3 chapters of the full course, giving you important fundamentals you'll need to know in how to start your startup.

  • Full 10 Step Startup School, complete with videos for each chapter, tailored assignments, evaluation and analysis tools, fully preparing you to start your start-up by the time you finish this course.

  • Premium VIP Package for serious founders – 1 month live coaching (4 weeks, 1 hour weekly) when purchasing the full 10 Step Startup School program.

Training Programs

Select either the Mini Course, full 10 Step Startup Course program, or the Premium VIP Package, which includes the full course program along with 1 month of live start-up coaching. Click on any course option below for more details, and let's help you get fully prepared to start your start-up like a boss!

My Letter to You

The Journey of a Lifetime

So, what exactly is a start-up?

Here's the best way I've been able to define a start-up and is what I coach all students to learn: 

A start-up is a high-risk adventure into unknown outcomes relying on a founder’s relentless pursuit of triumph to be successful.

Beginning your start-up adventure will be one of the most unknown roads you will ever travel.  

To many, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires some form of superpower, magical abilities, or more resilience than steel. To some degree, you should possess a high level of endurance, courage, and persistence. 

But magic? Not at all.

Nearly anyone can become a great start-up pilot. Just as learning to fly requires having a good school and an expert teacher, the same applies to learning how to start a start-up business. 

The reason why: starting a startup has become a science

Starting a start-up has become a repeatable science borne from the knowledge of thousands, their hours in the millions, and at the cost of billions, which can now be shared and this experience democratized for the millions who want it.

Following a codified, structured, and complete training program, nearly anyone who rolls up their sleeves and learns the skills, has a very strong chance of starting a winning start-up.

This is why I've created the 10 Step Startup School. 

Our goal is to train and help anyone who is willing to learn how to truly start a winning start-up.

Winning a game and achieving your goals will never be easy. However, once you're armed and loaded with the knowledge and skills needed, your path to get there will be a lot easier.

So, select the best course for you, sign up, and let's help get you started on the path to building your dreams today!

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